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A Melody For You

Andy Owens 2007

Andy Says..."This is the first real cd collaboration with Druha Trava where I came up with quite a few original songs to use on the cd, and this really more is an example of what is possible when I play with them live I am proud of the writing on the record, I had some things to say, and the band really helped me by coming up with great arrangements and playing that really showcase the songs without getting in the way of the lyrics. Lots of personal challenges going on during the making of this cd, and maybe that is evident in the songs, I am really happy with how many people really, really like this cd. I am proud of this one, please give it a listen."

Drive South

Andy Owens 2006

Andy Says..."While I have been playing with Druha Trava on their tours here and there quite often for about 12 years, this is the first time that we had collaborated on a recording project of mine. I did co-produce and sing on their Czechmate record years ago, but this cd was made as a way to start working towards a sound that would make sense with me on lead vocals, and them backing me up. There are a few original songs and some songs that are quite often requested, like Kentucky Waltz, and then some very interesting looks at some cover songs that you probably have never heard Bluegrass style. My favorite is the Warren Zevon song Frank and Jesse James. Warren died during the time I was making this record, and I had a connection to get him a copy to be able to listed to our version, but he died too soon, a great songwriter that I will sure miss his songs."
Kerosene Circuit Cover
Kerosene Circuit
Real Records
RRC 2001
Andy Says...

"This is my first solo CD, cut quite a few years ago with the great Bil Vorndik producing and engineering, and great Nashville session players including Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, David Grier, Stuart Duncan, Jeff Scroggins, Mark Schatz and Alan O’Bryant. This cd has a lot of original songs, and the title cut, Kerosene Circuit, was on the Bluegrass Unlimited top ten charts for over nine months, and is still a staple of many Bluegrass radio shows around the world."

Real Music Cover
Real Music
Real Records
RRC 2002
Andy Says...

"This cd is representative of my live band in the mid to late 1990’s while I was living in Texas. This is really basically a live record, but cut in the studio, the arrangements and singing and breaks were done exactly like our live show. I mention that because when you listen, it might sound more like a cd that might have just been done in the studio with lots of preparation and arranging and overdubbing, but actually the band was so tight at the time, this is really the way we always played them. All the band members get to shine here, with vocals also by the phenomenal Reggie Rueffer (Charlie Pride band now) and Mike Jump (Cadillac Sky now). There are some amazingly cool arrangements, songs, playing and singing on this cd."

One Eye Open
Real Records
RRC 2003
Andy Says...

"This cd was cut to be sold on a tour or Japan when Steve Kaufman and I toured Japan and took Jeff Scroggins and David Sawyer for a three week tour there. It has some nice original songs and lots of good picking on it, and is a good chance to hear Steve Kaufman in a Bluegrass setting. Cool song on here about Chubby Wise too, with some great fiddling."

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