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Howdy folks, or cHowdy as I would say in the Czech Repulic, that is a combination of "chow" which they say for hello and goodbye, and "HOWDY" like we would say here in the Appalachians (how would I do that if I was in Hawaii? Hmmm cHaloha......) Anyway, you are now entering into something new that I want to have for you here on the site and that is a subscription where you can download as many of my songs or videos or other things that I might think up to put on here, for only a small fee of $19.95 per year. Right now there are, only a few clicks away, five CDs worth of mp3s available with your subscription. My plan is to have new music on there as much as possible, hopefully a song or two every month, depending on tour schedule and studio availability.

This idea is in response to something that has bugged me for years that I did not know how to deal with, but I think that the new world of music distribution, which most people in the music business view as a negative, actually helps me with an answer to my dilemma. This dilemma for me is that there is often music that I want to record and get to my fans that maybe just doesn't fit with a whole CD project. Maybe I have some great band in the studio and I have an original song that I would like to record with them, but what to do with it? Or maybe I am playing live and have a great jam version of some song that is different than what is on the CD, or maybe I am in Timbuktoo and have a chance to record with some killer musicians but it is not a full CD of material. Well now, since I can just put these songs or videos or pics or whatever, on this subscription part of the website, then I can deliver to the people I want to deliver it to a piece at a time.

I am very excited about this new prospect and hope that you are too, and will do my very best to make sure you get your money's worth, but even just now if you subscribe you will be getting five CD's worth of material for about the same cost of a CD and shipping and handling, so please sign up, give me incentive to bring more music to you!

Thanks, Andy

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